Why Have Third-Party Warehousing?
20 Apr

Why Have Third-Party Warehousing?

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Without a doubt, the year 2020 was full of surprises for most companies. Affecting each market differently, the e-commerce market has grown exponentially. This is due to new products needing to be made to combat the times, along with certain necessities that are being used more than ever before.

Growth like this can be good for a company, however, it comes with challenges. The topic of space being one of them. Solutions to this problem vary; adding additional space to your current structure or building a new warehouse would solve this issue. Yet, both options are costly and take time most do not have. This is where outsourcing warehousing can be beneficial. Outsourcing allows you to get into a space very quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep up with demand.

Using a third-party warehouse takes the work load off of your employees. Instead of spending time and money on building, hiring, and training, you can keep up with demand as well as save on time and money. The benefits with third-party warehousing also include flexibility in production and most importantly ease of mind.

At Sky Logistics & Distribution, Inc. we have been handling these changes in demand for clients since 1999. Founded on the idea that a smaller and more clearly focused group will create a higher standard of customer satisfaction along with new and innovative ideas for higher efficiencies. We have grown into the full-service logistical company that we are today, allowing us to provide you with all the services you need to meet your supply chain needs. With current space available, we offer the following services to ensure our clients are taken care of.


  • Inventory Control
  • Cycle Counts and Physical Inventories
  • Date Code Tracking and Reporting
  • Quality Control Management
  • Inventory Transaction Reporting
  • Stock Status Reporting
  • Inventory Turn Evaluation & Reporting
  • Claims Processing/Collection for Stock Loss

So, if you find yourself looking for any of the duties listed above, going with Sky Logistics as your third-party  will leave you a step ahead of the competition. With us, you will acquire an asset in the market. Gaining people dedicated to ensuring your warehousing needs are met. If you are ready to get a jump start, give us a call or get a hold of us over on our contact us page.

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